Stitch Fix Review - His + Hers October 2016

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Stitch Fix is a subscription-based personal styling service. It has an extensive range of clothing, all of which are very high-quality, with personal stylists all over the country. For a $20 styling fee, Stitch Fix will put together a box of 5 items for you. When they arrive, you can try them on in the comfort of your own home (without that awful department store lighting or those fun house mirrors). Then, you can send back what you don't want in a prepaid package and keep what you do! You only pay for what you want, and your $20 styling fee is subtracted from your order once you purchase one item. If you keep all five, then you get a 25% discount, which can sometimes make a HUGE difference. 

Stitch Fix made a HUGE announcement at the beginning of September - they are now styling for men! 

As soon as I saw that, I signed up my significant other. We decided to get fixes for the exact same day and go through the whole experience together. Although I couldn't get him on camera, Stitch Fix followed through like they always do - good quality clothing, tailored to his specific requirements and style, within the price range specified. To be honest, I was actually jealous of his fix! His items were definitely cheaper on average than my items usually are, even though we both have the "Cheaper the Better" option for each category.

S and I had a lot of fun filling out his style profile and creating a Pinterest board just for him. Even with it being his first fix, his stylist selected all colors and textures that he loved! 

(I feel like an idiot for not even getting photos of the items! Once S refused a photoshoot, I forgot that I didn't need him to showcase his fix. Sorry!)

  • 7 Diamonds Straight Fit Chino in Khaki - $78

    • Classic khaki chino with great durable stretch and super soft - I was jealous....
    • RETURNED - Way too tight in a particular region and just a hair short
  • Tailor Vintage Donny Reversible Tee - $59

    • Long-sleeved super soft cotton tee that is in fact reversible!
    • RETURNED - This seemed too expensive for just a long-sleeve shirt
  • Alternative Apparel Waterline Nep Jersey Tee - $38.00

    • True to its name, this was a soft jersey t-shirt
    • RETURNED - If this shirt had been $20ish I could have convinced him to keep it, but since we can find soft short sleeved tees at any major retailer for much cheaper, he didn't want to keep it. (soooooo financially responsible. SMH)
  • Alternative Apparel Marathon Hooded Pullover - $40

    • Incredibly thin (think undershirt) sweatshirt-ish layer
    • RETURNED - If it had been like 5 times thicker, we would have kept it as a replacement for his go-to hoodie. I mean, it's fall already, so why isn't this a real sweater?
  • Hawker Rye Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt - $58

    • Perfect button-down shirt for a fancy date night or thrown over dark wash jeans and sneakers for a "groomed" casual look
    • KEPT - We both love this shirt and he wore it the very next day!

Although he only kept one item from his fix, it had more to do with price range than style or fit. I was very surprised that he didn't receive a traditional fall/winter sweater since the Stitch Fix blog and site seems to be heading into fall fashion trends. S even spent quite a while writing his return notes and is already planning what to request for his next fix!

Now for mine!

(S took the pictures and assured me that they were all perfect for the blog...)

Max Threads Kelty Lace Trim Knit Top in Grey - $44

Max Threads Kelty Lace Trim Knit Top | Stitch Fix | subscription styling
Max Threads Kelty Lace Trim Knit Top | Stitch Fix | subscription styling

Look by M Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf in Dark Green - $34

Look by M Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf | Stitch Fix | subscription styling
Look by M Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf | Stitch Fix | subscription styling

RD Style Carole Mock Neck Pullover Sweater in Off-White - $74

RD Style Carole Mock Neck Pullover Sweater | Stitch Fix | subscription styling
RD Style Carole Mock Neck Pullover Sweater | Stitch Fix | subscription styling

Mavi Freida Skinny Jean in Navy - $98

Pixley Borrego V-Neck Sweater in Olive - $58

Pixley Borrego V-Neck Sweater | Stitch Fix | subscription styling
Pixley Borrego V-Neck Sweater | Stitch Fix | subscription styling

To be completely honest, although it was so much fun to schedule a his + hers fix, I kind of wish I hadn't scheduled mine because I was not as satisfied with it as I usually am! For my past 4 fixes, I have been in LOVE with at least 3 pieces, and for this one, I didn't even really like 4 pieces. I have had the same stylist, Joanna, since the beginning and have never questioned her choices for me until now. They are all great quality items that I know tons of women would appreciate, but it just didn't feel like any of the fixes I have received before, and Joanna knows that I don't branch out when it comes to my style. Although she referenced my Pinterest board, I don't think she actually looked at it.

Or, maybe they were totally out of my size in the items that she wanted to send me instead? If that is the case, I wish they would just hold onto my fix, send an email like, "we are waiting for the perfect item," and just send it at a later date. Has anyone else had this experience?

But, I went into a real store to shop for myself for the first time in a REALLY long time, and everyone, I hate it. Even though this wasn't a great fix for me, I still stand by the service because it is WAY less painful than going into a store with the horrible circus mirrors and strange overhead lighting. Plus the music... just stop.

I have been asking for colored pants in a green or burgundy for the past year of fixes, and was disappointed when the Mavi jeans came in navy. So I popped into our local H&M, immediately found like 6 different styles in the colors that I wanted, tried all of them on, nearly fell over in the dressing room twice trying to get the pants on and off, and I left empty handed. Totally not worth it. 

I stand by Stitch Fix and really want to impulse request the next fix (even though my budget book is yelling at me not to....) because this one was so unsatisfying and I know it HAD to be a fluke!

If you are interested in Stitch Fix, you can sign up here


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