Now Watch Me Whip - Now Watch Me Struggle

(Yes, I just did that.)

Struggling through Adulthood - LifeFAILS

So folks, I've really been struggling the past few weeks with balancing my adult life and my youngin life. I have called in sick to work just to sit at home and play my Xbox. All I've been craving is fast food. I have absolutely no desire to do housework or, really, bathe.

Basically, I want to rebel against everything that I HAVE to do. If someone (society, or my boss) tells me to do something, all I want to do is flip them off, grab some Doritos and hole up in my TV room.

And I don't just mean a small voice in my head. I mean 80% of me does not want to do this adult thing right now.

I don't want to be accountable to anyone (not even myself).

Although I deal with this all of the time, it seems to have quadrupled in the last two weeks. 

Have any of you had those weeks where you hate everyone and just want to be 100% selfish? Do you have any tips for a struggling homie?

Quest to find adulthood over, now back to my Xbox.