Is This Just a Phase?

“Finding Yourself” is a term typically used for those bad decisions with dying your hair, piercing something you can’t tell your parents about, and general “experimenting.” Then it gets a bit more sophisticated when you have to choose a major, maybe even a summer internship. But the real finding yourself happens after you graduate. Suddenly all of the questions come in.

You’ve gotten that degree, but how do you use it? Can you even use it? Should you take the chance to follow your passion and be a poet, or get that 9-5 job to pay the bills? Do you stay in your college town or pick up and Jack Kerouac it across the country? You’re suddenly supposed to make this choice – what do I do with the rest of my life?

Is This Just a Phase? Finding Yourself as an Adult - #Adulting | finding yourself adulting commitment self-fullfillment

Well I’m here to tell you, do it all. Do everything! And nothing! You’ve got a whole life to live, so you can have 6 different careers. We are no longer in the age where your first job in the corporate mail room leads to a slow road to upper management at the same corporation. You can be a poet (probably while working at Jamba Juice), a massage therapist, an accountant, AND upper management – all while traveling the world, raising a family of cats, and finding self-fulfillment. You can do it all, and you will do it all, so don’t get hung up on your current job. Even if you’re working a crappy retail job while working on your Halo skills; at some point, you’ll get the opportunity to do something different; just hang in there.

Your job does not define you. Your happiness does. I cannot say this enough; I want to shout it from the rooftops or paint it on every wall in my house as a reminder.

So find what makes you feel good. For me, that’s Saturdays of Irish coffee, trashy TV and hours beyond hours of Xbox games. I work through the week at my 9-5 job so that I can get to that Saturday heaven.

I hope that one day soon I can find something to make me happy every single day of the week, instead of just holding on until Saturday, but in the meantime, I’m doing just fine.