Livin' High and... Dry?

Sometimes, even when you want the D so badly, your body doesn't work right. I know a lot of partners, my husband included, who find this very frustrating. But, let's talk it out.

For example, I'm playing hard to get a bit (you gotta keep "the game" alive right?) giving him the eyes, but not initiating physical contact. He starts kissing my neck and slides his hand into my pants, and I want it and he wants it, but because me nether regions aren't like a swimming pool, he pulls away quickly. He leaves me with a peck on the cheek and resumes his post on the couch with his phone.


Needless to say, this leaves me with lady blue-balls and him soft and defeated.

We talk about sex a lot in this marriage, as it is one of my favorite subjects, but no matter how much we discuss it, I can ALWAYS see the disappointment on his face.

Men and lady lovers, be patient. It's not always so black and white with the female genitalia. 

That being said, sometimes my partner pushes himself inside when I'm not 100% ready. Don't get me wrong, mentally, emotionally, etc. I'm there. But physically, I might need more time or assistance. 

It has nothing to do with desire, so just be patient.

Turn it into a game! Tease each other, switch things up or change positions. And, there is NOTHING wrong with a little (or a lot) of assistance in this area. The word lube makes me gag, but lubricant is NECESSARY. Find a product that works for you and your partner and keep it stocked.


Just remember ladies, avoid products with glycerin and parabens. No one wants infections or rashes.

Also, if you are going the all natural route and using coconut oil in the bedroom, do not use with latex condoms. Coconut Oil will cause the latex to deteriorate, making them break. Babies anyone?

Fun facts for the win!