As some of you know, I take several medications on a daily basis, and they are all lined up neatly in my bathroom. In the morning, I take one for anxiety, one for allergies, one for birth control, and one for depression. In the evening, I take one for my sleeping disorder. Although I don't enjoy being on so many chemical medications, this system has been working well for me for the last year. And I have never ever screwed up like I did today.

Sure, sometimes I'm running late in the morning and just forget to take them, but I flat out FAILED at adulting today.

I f#cked up. 

I woke up late, was rushing around, grabbing things, throwing things, etc. I brushed my teeth and reached for my pills. I was not mentally present, still mostly asleep, and I took my sleeping pill. 

I realized it right when I put the cap back on the bottle. I panicked and took my regular morning medications and I'm just crossing my fingers that I can function today.

I'm about 2 hours in and I'm STRUGGLING. I can't focus at all and my legs feel like jelly.

PTL that I don't work with heavy machinery, but still. I have 7 more hours of "work" before I can go home. 

Let's just hope that everyone leaves me alone today.

What do adults do in these kinds of situations? Or are they just so put together that they would never screw up like I did?


Afternoon Update: I BARELY made it through the day people. I made way to many stupid mistakes at work and it felt like a complete waste of a day. I'll just have to make up for it tomorrow.