Balancing Act? More like, STUMBLING Act

How do you balance being an "adult" and being your inner child?

Most days, I have this great plan for the day: productive day at work, cleaning the house, cooking good food, making those appointments, and doing a small project for myself - and, of course, grooming.

I always assume that I'll get a ton done between the hours of 5pm and 9pm, and I'll wake up early and look (and feel) totally put together and ready to kick butt at work.

But, instead, I sleep in, rush around the house "getting ready" (if you can even call that), and have a totally sluggish morning at work. I'll get two-three awesomely productive hours at work, then get completely bored, browse online, watch netflix on my phone, and try very hard not to buy anything online. Then I get home, and I'm so tired and funky from NOT having a productive day, that I slap some food together in 15 minutes, and plop on the couch for some "much deserved" tv time. Then I shuffle the few feet to my bed and promise myself that I'll be better tomorrow....

I really do try to be more productive! I always make a good (seemingly reasonable) do-to list! And I get at least one house chore done like 80% of the days.... that counts right?

Besides just putting your head down and acting like an adult,

how do you balance what you should be doing and what you WANT to do??

(in my case, sleep, tv, good book, etc.)

Do I just need to slap myself around until I get the message?

This post makes me sound lazier than I actually am. I mean, I put on real office clothes 5 days a week, and do the laundry every week. So, I'm totally adulting, right?

Also, I think we all need these stickers