Real Foods: Homemade Jumbo Pretzels

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With this series, I debunk, review, and actually try to make those pretty Pinterest recipes that claim to be simple, easy, fast, and budget friendly. As someone who is clueless when it comes to food, really cheap, and really impatient, this should be a fun series for me. It will definitely push me out of my comfort zone, but hopefully it will be valuable to you!

When I get bored (and hangry) at work, I scan Pinterest for that new recipe - the one that I can whip up in a minute, that tastes gourmet and like fast food at the same time. I find myself pinning recipes that seem fast and easy, but in reality, take 2-3 times longer and usually make a mess. I'm here to try these recipes for you, so you know really which recipes are fast, simple in ingredients, and easy to prepare.

I let the Significant Other choose this week's Real Foods recipe, and, of course, he didn't pick a real meal. He scrolled through my Pinterest board in like 30 seconds; I just heard him yelling "Pretzels! Pretzels! Pretzels! I choose pretzels!" from the other room.

Most recipes for doughs (breads, pizza, etc.) require at least a day of "rising yeast" (GROSS!) and usually a food processor or bread maker.

I don't know any millennials with a full size food processor or bread maker.

So luckily, this one was super fast and, of course, (per usual) INCREDIBLY simple.

If you haven't learned by now, I have very little patience for food and just will NOT put more than like 45 minutes into a meal. 

And look at this picture! Tap the picture for the full original recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction!

The directions were very easy to follow and it really was less than 30 minutes! I made the dough and Sean did the rest! I quickly realized that I did NOT have the skills required for the rolling portion.

Word of Advice from the Idiot: use parchment paper to line your pans. I read that and thought, I don't want to run out and buy something that I won't touch for like a year. I thought, I'll just use a non-stick spray or vegetable oil, and it'll be fine!


It was definitely a mistake. Just buy the damn parchment paper and use it. It will save your pans and save your sanity. Well worth it.

This is DEFINITELY a great recipe for your Memorial Day Weekend. Simple, easy, and whimsical. 

The only downside was the cleanup - either I'm just messy, or this recipe is messy - flour everywhere. So prepare for some cleanup!

This is really for you. I am perfectly happy eating the same two things for dinner every night. So let me know If you have any recipes that you would like me to try, or if you don't agree with me! 

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