I Got That Summertime, Summertime SADNESS

For 20 some years, the world gives you 3 months of freedom between June and September every year. You hang on through the spring, counting down the days until your schooling ends. The bell rings and you are totally free. At least for a bit, right? You have three months to work part-time, take a trip, NAP, chill, catch up on that book you promised yourself you would finish, etc. Your time is your own, and you are going to fill it with free, frolicking times.

Even if you enrolled in camps, traveled, interned, or worked part-time, there was always that option of summer - of a break, long weekends, beaches, laziness, BBQs, margaritas, etc. You didn't have a set schedule and you filled our summers with amazing memories and amazing naps. 

Then one year the world just decides 'Nope, you have to work the full 12 months; you get to watch everyone else have summer, while you have to stay in your cement building from 8 to 5.'

What the f#ck?

This is my second year without a summer. Sure, the 'summer months' and 'summer weather' are all around me, but lesbehonest.  It's not a damn SUMMER. And I don't know about you, but I am NOT prepared for this! Shouldn't there be a mandatory summer break longer than Memorial Day Weekend? Or at least, can't they ease us into it a bit more? Start with a three month summer, than a two month summer, then a month and a half summer, etc. until we feel prepared to sit in our cubicles for 12 months?

Instead, we "adults" are subject to watching longingly from our window (if you are lucky enough to have a window), admiring all of the joy outside, and cussing under our breath that Margarita Monday doesn't happen every day.

It's cruel.

Either give us summer break (at least a few weeks) for our entire lives, or don't ever give us a summer. But 20 odd years of enjoying the mandatory break, to then have it ripped away from us, is just plain cruel. 

Does anyone know of any jobs that offer an extended leave over the summer months? If you do, please please please comment below and send me an application!

Stay tuned for some ideas on how to celebrate summer as an adult.