Time-Saver and #lifehack of The Year - Viraltag

Heads Up: This post does contain affiliate links and is sponsored.

Guys and Gals, I found it. I found the timesaving hack for my life, and hopefully for yours too. Whether you're working in Social Media, running your own business, or just trying to #killit on all platforms, you need Viraltag

Yes, this is a sponsored post. But, I wholeheartedly believe in this product and use it constantly. I approached them about this opportunity because it is JUST THAT GOOD.

Viraltag's two-week trial sold me. I didn't think I needed a social media scheduler. I mean, I just post on insta when I want to, get on twitter when I'm on my commute, and scan through Pinterest when I'm bored. But, after using this online platform for three days, I was SOLD. When my two-week trial ended, I couldn't even remember how I handled all of my accounts before!

Viraltag is an online social media scheduler. Although there are programs and apps out there that will post to one or two of your accounts, Viraltag does it all - Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Plus, you can have multiple accounts on a single platform, so you can manage your business Twitter, your personal Twitter, and your side hustle Twitter, with the same program!

Yes, you can pre-schedule posts, duh, that's what a scheduler does. But, Viraltag does so much more.

If you are running social media for a business, Etsy shop, or blog, you can create a posting schedule that is statistically best, according to your posting history. Viraltag will keep track of clicks, pageviews, and influences for you and will suggest optimum times of the day/week to post. You can create a base schedule for every platform and set up a catalog of what they call "evergreen" content - posts and images that Viraltag can post for you whenever there is a free slot in your schedule.

You can also schedule individual posts that might be time-sensitive or might not fit into your "regular" base schedule. The schedule is there to help, but you aren't bound to that particular schedule.

Viraltag also tracks trends in all of your posts so you can identify what your audience actually looks like and what they actually like. Sure, you can do this yourself on every platform, but Viraltag collates this data and puts it into a no-bullsh#t graph that is quicker than you and super easy to read.

This program is a HUGE timesaver. It's convenient. It takes seconds to create and schedule a post, and then Viraltag will do all of the work - copying to the various platforms automatically. Some apps that I have seen will send you a reminder when you have scheduled your post. You then have to copy/paste into the original platform and then post it. Viraltag eliminates that step. You just set it up, and it runs all by itself. (However, Instagram does require you to open the app, paste the info in, and actually hit the button to post. But Insta is to blame there - damn you, Instagram!)

The whole thing is streamlined. Truly. No confusing analytics, no distractions; it really does all of the work for you.

These days, everyone is forming their own brand and their own presence in their online communities. Whether you are on just one social media platform, or five, your social media profile and content makes you a brand. Employers check out LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter when hiring; is your social presence an accurate depiction of you? Is it managed? Or just haphazard? Viraltag has seriously upped my game.

Seriously, if you don't believe me (or even if you do), try the two-week trial. Do you want to #slay like Queen Bee? Me too. Newsflash: it won't happen, but Viraltag can get you damn close.