11 Ways to Celebrate Summer

11 Ways to Celebrate Summer - Even if you are Living Out of Your Office

Even if you are stuck in your office 40 hours a week, living that adult life, you can still have a kick#ss summer.

As you might know from my post about the horrible reality that is being an adult during the summer, I am not a happy camper this year. I am tragically missing those lost summer days of my youth and dying for an adult vacation that does not include someone else's wedding. 

But, since I am now an adult that is expected to work through the summer months, and I am on a super tight budget right now, I will not be taking any exotic vacations or visiting the traditions of my youth. 

Instead, I have come up with 11 ways to make my summer actually feel like summer this year. I am hoping to knock off every one of these in the next few months.. Which will you try?

Ways to Celebrate Summer like an "Emerging Adult"

1. throw a brunch

Make it festive with booze - lots of booze. But make it classy with simple cocktails instead of that 24 pack of Coors.

If you don't have a backyard or a big enough space within your home, try a local park!
For ideas on how to throw an outdoor party without a backyard, check out this article

2. You-Pick berry farms

One of my all-time favorite things to do on the family farm in the summer, is wander the property looking for blackberries. They are a weed in the PNW and it's ah-mazing!! For those of you, like me, who now live in a city, or apartment, or even a nice development, try out a local You-Pick berry farm

3. take a faux-spa day

When I think luxury vacation, I think of soft robes, crisp drinks, and ultimate relaxing with massages. 

Grab a friend or your significant other, and make your own damn spa day.
Fill your day with drinks like mimosas, smoothies, and cucumber water.
Trade back rubs with each other - a lot of people get creeped out by this, but why? it's glorious and affordable!
Put on a homemade facemask of organic honey and lemon.
Pull out your nail polish and give yourself (or your partner) a manicure with the necessary hand massage.

4. BBQ - Block-party style

Let's bring back the block-parties!

If you live in an apartment complex, find your friendly-looking neighbors and friends and invite them to participate in the block-party. Have everyone bring a little something and gather in one of the common areas (think entryway, sidewalk, rooftop, get creative!) If you want to get really brave, participate in an open-house kind of deal where you leave the door open and people come and go as they please between apartments.

If you have a bit more space, then invite your neighbors and friends to bring their favorite dish and tunes for a day in your backyard. Yes, they might be creepers, but it also helps to have neighbors that actually know you. (read, someone who knows whether you haven't been home in multiple days or could identify you if necessary)

Extra points for some boombox action.

5. take a technology break

Whether it's for a day or an hour, take a technology break. no phones, no computers, no music, no fans. Just you and nature - or you and your couch, I'll leave that up to you.

6. pack a picnic in the park

Picnics are the ultimate summer experience. Make one in your backyard with all of the luxuries of the house, or pack one up for the local park. Just be sure to keep it classy with a real blanket and wine combo.

Ways to Celebrate Summer Like a True Kid

7. lemonade stand

Although it might not be the entrepreneurial project of your childhood, it sure does feels like summer.

Take lemonade, otter pops, boozy cocktails, whatever to your sidewalk or local park. Ask for advice, jokes, or 10 cents per cup. It'll get you out of the house, and you might make some new friends. 

8. sprinklers

Yes, sprinklers. 

If you have a yard or space with a hose, then bite the bullet and buy a 10 dollar sprinkler. If you have a yard or space with a hose, but can't possibly buy a sprinkler, DIY it like they did!

If you are lucky enough to live near a community pool or splash park, then in Poseidon's name GO! 

9. build a fort

Ummm. yes please. Nothing will make you feel more like a kid than building a kick#ss fort. 

I used to make all sorts of forts that I would live in for DAYZ. Shelves, games, a view of the TV. I loved that I could see the TV, and be in the same room as the family, but no one could see me - ninja mode engaged. 

For ideas and inspiration on building forts, check out this post and this post. If you are feeling SUUPER ambitious, check out this one. Or, if you are feeling less ambitious, just put up a tent in your living room, but.... it's definitely not as cool as building your own.

10. bonfire

Bonfire like it's Senior Year, baby.

Throw back to high school and have a good ol' bonfire - red cups and tiki torches are required.

11. light sparklers

The smell of sparklers really takes me back to my best summer nights. Yes, it is cheesy, but it is also fantastic fun and a great photo op. So go buy a pack and let the frolicking ensue.

= = = = = =

How will you be celebrating summer this year?
Which will you try? Did I forget something?