My Uterus Betrayed Me

Here comes a personal one, so, if you don't feel up to it, try one of my other posts.

#AdultingFAIL - Uterus Edition

My period is never "regular" and I never know when it is going to hit me. I woke up this morning with cramps - not bad ones, just noticeably uncomfortable. I went to put on my work slacks, and I couldn't button them. I don't normally bloat or fluctuate weight when I'm on my period, but this morning I was a good inch and a half away bigger. 

Like. Um.... what? why?

I decided to just wear a long top, and not try to fit into my other work pants. So I left my pants unbuttoned and just went to work. 

Right before lunch, I decided to at least try to button my pants again. No luck. 

So I did this fancy hair-tie trick where I made a figure-eight with the tie, looped one end around the button, slipped it through the opening, and then back around the button. It wasn't a science, but it worked! And it made me feel a bit more secure about leaving my pants unbuttoned at work.

My cramps subsided and I although there was a bit of spotting, I thought for sure that I would make it through the afternoon and back home to the safety of my sweatpants. 

I was wrong

It was 3:30pm, I was standing in a co-worker's doorway, and I felt the dam break. I had to finish my very important and very confidential conversation - 10 minutes. As I walked back to my office to grab one of my emergency tampons, I got stopped by not one, or two, but three people to ask about the meeting agenda for the afternoon - another 6 minutes. Still gushing. I finally got back to my office, grabbed the necessary feminine hygiene product, and practically sprinted down to the restroom. It was too late though. My undergarments and pants were soaked through. #AdultingFAIL


I was so shocked. I am STILL so shocked. The flood literally came out of nowhere. I am usually so careful and so self-aware. But this time, I was f#cked. 

Luckily my pants were dark colored.

Have you ever been caught unexpectedly by the flood? #redwedding anyone?