7 Stretches - Multitasking While You Relax

There is something so satisfying about finishing a season of a bomb show on Netflix. I think my olympic event would be binge-watching TV shows. As someone with social anxiety, I use TV shows to basically interact with people in a stress-free way. I become invested in the characters and crack inside jokes with the casts of all my favorites. 

But, sometimes I can go a bit over the top. In order to stay healthy while I binge-watch my favorites, I have started doing the following stretches while watching.

Sure, it's not "working out" in the traditional sense, and I know it is not the same as completing a full workout, going for a run, or a swim, etc. But, it's one step closer to feeling healthy and faking this whole "adult" thing.

(I do not presume to be a yogi - or an expert in anything. These are purely my own opinions, and I love feedback!)

1. The "Wait, Jon Snow has a man-bun now?" stretch

This is a simple side stretch, but if you add a slight twist in the upper body, then you can stretch your lats and triceps.


2. The "Dean died again?!?" stretch

Use an ottoman for an easy hamstring stretch, and remove it for full a core exercise.


3. The "Will Luke and Lorelai ever get back together again?" stretch

Bring your knees to your chest - it is a surprisingly helpful stretch, even if you do not feel the typical "burn"


4. The "I'm so sick of your shenanigans, Piper" stretch

 Sit on knees and twist backward when you are sick of Piper's drama - don't torque, just twist.


5. The "If I keep doing this, then one day maybe I can join Buffy's team..." stretch

Bring your arm across your chest to stretch your shoulder and back. Add a twist or a side bend for an extra stretch.


6. The "There's a NEW 'A'?" stretch

For realz? Another 'A'?!?!  This is a combo of hip/hamstring/side stretch

(I love that Manji is doing it with me!)


7. The "Am I the only one who thinks President Fitz Grant is a total d#ck?" stretch

By scooting your sit bones to the edge of the couch, you can stretch your hips, shoulders, and back!



I hope these few stretches help you feel healthy while you hang out with your TV friends.

Do you binge-watch? Does your body tend to feel stiff and gross after finishing a season of Supernatural? How do you keep up with your show and still feel like an adult?

Is this helpful? Silly? Stupid? Should I do more? Or are you sick of it? Let me know in the comments below or send a tweet @Harvey_Adulting

Don't forget the importance of snuggles!!