Real Foods: Caprese Toasties

With this series, I debunk, review, and actually try to make those pretty Pinterest recipes that claim to be simple, easy, fast, and budget friendly. As someone who is clueless when it comes to food, really cheap, and really impatient, this should be a fun series for me. It will definitely push me out of my comfort zone, but hopefully it will be valuable to you!

When I get bored (and hangry) at work, I scan Pinterest for that new recipe - the one that I can whip up in a minute, that tastes gourmet and like fast food at the same time. I find myself pinning recipes that seem fast and easy, but in reality, take 2-3 times longer and usually make a mess. I'm here to try these recipes for you, so you know really which recipes are fast, simple in ingredients, and easy to prepare.

 Tap the photo for the original recipe from Daring Gourmet on Tablespoon

Tap the photo for the original recipe from Daring Gourmet on Tablespoon

This week, I tried to make calzones. I was looking for something that would be a fun dinner, but could easily turn into brown-bag lunches for the rest of the week. Now, the original recipe was for "Caprese Pizzas" but since I don't like tomatoes, and couldn't find good looking basil at the grocery store, I basically just turned them into calzones. 

For a total of 35 minutes (prep and cook time), this meal is very fast, and I can see myself making a big batch on a Sunday for a week of lunches and my hubby's late-night "second dinners." Again, because I am lazy and the grocery store was not stocked to my liking, I made this with Pillsbury pizza crust, a pre-mixed pizza sauce, basil paste (leftover from this recipe), and mozzarella cheese.

The downside: many of them exploded! Okay, didn't explode per se, but the cheezy goodness ended up on the outside of the dough instead of inside. I completely forgot to take an after photo, but these turned out great!

Verdict: Definitely quick and easy, but I don't really like the taste of the dough. Maybe I just need to make the crust thinner next time? Or increase the ratio of "stuffings" to crust.

To make it a bit more "adult-y" I am now calling these "Caprese Toasties."

This is really for you. I am perfectly happy eating the same two things for dinner every night. So let me know If you have any recipes that you would like me to try, or if you don't agree with me! 

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