Building an Adult Wardrobe - One Paycheck at a Time

Heads Up: This post does contain affiliate links.

One of the biggest transitions for me between my college years of sweats and baggy flannels, to life in the corporate world of blazers and heels, was definitely my wardrobe. I didn't want to spend a lot; I just wanted to wear my stretchy pants all day; I wanted to wear what was comfy and made me feel like me.

But the corporate office doesn't value my comfort like I do. And going out to buy a whole new wardrobe from Banana Republic was definitely out of the question. So, I bought cheap clothes (both in the price and in the quality) - two pairs of slacks that I could rotate every day, a few decent looking cardigans that could hide my tshirts, and an ill-fitting polyester blazer. I would slowly by more options, but never raised the bar on quality (unless I was outlet shopping with my mom #notashamed.)

But three years later, and I have a bunch of clothes that don't fit me right, make me feel self-conscious, and definitely don't reflect me as a person or as an adult. I also still have piles of sloppy tshirts and over-sized sweatshirts. I always thought "I love this old shirt, I'll wear it on days that I'm not working." But, realistically, I only wear work clothes, and pajamas. There is no in-between.

To remedy this, instead of buying clothes from local megastores, that inevitably don't last, I have started to build a purposeful, adult wardrobe. 

My Goal: a simple, adult collection of clothes that make me feel good, make me feel like myself, and are 100% comfortable and wrinkle/stain resistant.

I still can't afford to just purge everything and go on a crazy shopping spree, so I have completely stopped shopping for clothes except Stitch Fix and Modcloth. I am slowly creating my work wardrobe with pieces that truly fit me, are my style, and are easy.

Stitch Fix makes it SUPER easy for someone like me who hates shopping,and who doesn't know what looks good or what goes together. I'm high-maintenance in that I don't like trying new things, but the stylists at Stitch Fix get me and my style, while elevating it to a much better status. It is more expensive than I would like, so I can only get a styling every three months or so. But every time, I get perfect items. PERFECT, I tell you. Plus, by the time I need to enter my styling note, I know exactly what my wardrobe needs, not what I think I need in the moment or what I want or what's on super sale at Target.

Here is my Stitch Fix Review for June, and if you're already hooked, you can fill out your style profile here!

Modcloth is my next go-to for good-quality, age appropriate, and flat out fun pieces. Modcloth is where I let my quirkiness come out. Now, I don't go crazy and buy fun pieces unless they fit into my work wardrobe. Everything in my closet needs at least 2 purposes - not 2 outfits, two purposes.

The downsides to Modcloth are that I have to pick my own items (I'm so bad at it!), and the fit for me tends to vary pretty drastically. But, I love the wide selection and the fact that it lets me accentuate my young and very unique personal style.

Here's what I've got my eyes on currently:

How are you building your adult wardrobe?