My New Way to Play - Tethertug

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Recently, I have been trying to come up with new ways to make my kiddos happy. And since I have really been struggling with depression in the last few months, I have specifically been looking for ways to entertain them and reward them when I have no energy and no willpower. 

This is the Tethertug. It is a very sturdy interactive toy that my babies can play with all on their own. And I can't stress this enough - it is STURDY. With two sheepdogs, I am used to toys, tugs, and bones lasting only a mere moment, and I have looked far and wide for those investment toys - the ones that are going to keep them occupied long-term and survive the daily wear and tear of being left out in the rain for multiple days at a time.

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I was very excited when I heard about this product. Tethertug has a wide variety of sizes based on your dog's weight, activity level, etc. And I love the fact that it doesn't include food! Most interactive toys involve some sort of food dispensing, and although my pups love this, we already reward our dogs with food/treats/goodies throughout the day, and I do have to keep their weight in check. 

My 12 year-old senior girl loves ropes and loves to tug, but unfortunately, she lost most of her teeth a few years ago, so she doesn't have the same determination she once had with tugging. But, frisbee? She can go for hours. 

My 4 year-old has never been one for playing. He is a sheepdog through and through; he loves to chase things - well, mainly just us, his older sister, and squirrels. So he will usually just sit on the porch until we start running in circles. I was hoping that Tethertug would save me from having to run in circles around the yard. Unfortunately though, he wasn't too interested in the rope. (I shouldn't complain because Griz loves us, and truly just wants to play with us - but we get exhausted long before he does.)

They both liked the Tethertug - especially if I was taunting them with it - but neither of them had the same attachment and drive as the dogs in some of these home videos

But then, I had a brilliant idea. 

I pulled a MacGyver and attached one of their de-fluffed stuffies to the end of the rope. Now, they play like crazy! I think they just needed a bit more "interaction." Something that would squeak, and move, and entice them more than just the plain rope. I have contacted their Customer Service to suggest adding a range of stuffy like toys that can be attached.



  • I would not recommend leaving it out full-time. Use it as fun reward or for those extreme days when you have to work a double-shift and your kiddos have some extra energy.
  • Tugging does reinforce the "hunter" in your dog, so you might want to supervise and space out sessions so that you don't over-reward aggressive behavior. 
Tennis Ball 3 Pack Tether Tug Outdoor Dog Toy


I did receive this product free for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.

Even though this wasn't the perfect fit for my two dogs straight out of the box, I think Tethertug is a fantastic way to exercise your dogs without spraining your elbow (yes, that can actually happen).

If you have pups that love to play tug, then I highly suggest investing in this highly durable outdoor toy. But you can certainly attach your own toys to maximize the fun! 

I will definitely be giving some as gifts to friends and family this Christmas!


Is your dog wearing you out? Do you feel bad when you don't have the energy to romp around with them or take them for a long run?