The Multi-Passionate Millennial

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One of the new terms, categories, or stereotypes floating around about millennials is that they are multi-passionate. Which can totally be true! We tend to pride ourselves on the number of activities we do. I even find myself stretching the truth a bit when it comes to my own "hobbies" or skills. Yes, I have sewn quilts before, but I haven't made one in 4+ years. Yes, I do like to hike, but I have been waaay too lazy to hike in the last 2+ years. Yes, I enjoy reading, but I do not carry a book around everywhere I go like Rory Gilmore.

To be honest, most of the time I battle between being passionate about too many things and not feeling passionate about anything. When I find myself wanting to run in ten different directions, I end up feeling stretched thin and overwhelmed. But then, like the rubber ball that I am, two days later I am bored out of my mind without any driving force - nothing sounds appealing, and nothing moves me. 

What do you do if you aren't feeling passionate about anything? What do you do when every one of your friends is "living life" and you are still stuck without a driving force in your life?

  • It's better to do something than nothing. If you are feeling stuck, change your scenery - go for a walk or a drive, catch some Pokemon. 
  • Try things! As someone with extreme anxiety about new activities, I tend to make a list of all the things I might want to do, but then just end up on my couch. Just pick something and try it. Passion doesn't come out of nowhere. I don't mean that you should spend several hundred dollars on flight school - you don't have to take a huge leap, just a small step. 
  • Ask questions. If you are leaning towards a project, even just thinking about it in the abstract, reach out to someone and ask questions to find out if you will be interested long term. 
  • Meditation can get you out of your temporal head, and let your heart and mind wander. After a few sessions, you might surprise yourself.
  • Find someone to help keep you accountable. I had been thinking about starting a blog for actual years, and could picture myself doing it long-term, but I just couldn't get myself to actual act on in. Finally, my significant other just sat down and started a Squarespace account for me. That was all I needed to get my butt in gear.

If you are looking for a passion in your life, whether it be a once a week hobby, or a full-time career, you are not alone. I know a lot of my Instagram friends are posting perfectly framed photos of their various activities - 5 am hikes, reading with their latte art, the success of their etsy shop, etc. and it makes me feel insignificant and unremarkable. But it shouldn't! First, I shouldn't feel defined by someone else's filtered photo. Second, I don't need to be perfect at 12 different hobbies and rock my job to be successful at this millennial thing. 

Are you a multi-passionate millennial? How did you find your passion and know it was right?

Rachel from TheConfusedMillennial put up a GREAT post last week about finding your passion when it comes to your career. You should definitely head over to her site and check it out!