Financial Planners

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Heads Up: there are a few affiliate links in this post, but this roundup is genuine, there are several links below that are not affiliate links as well.

Complete Honesty Time - I have been failing my financial goal for 2016.

Although I could come up with several excuses, and probably believe them myself, the real truth is that I just got lazy. And with no one to hold me accountable, my slacking led to some pretty big spending. Now, I didn't go out and buy a car, or max out my credit cards, but I definitely spent more than I needed to. Although we are almost done with September, and I REALLY don't think I am going to complete my goal, I need to buckle down on my finances for the rest of the year, and hopefully start some good habits so I can win at my 2017 goal.

Of course, my finances are in shambles mostly because I quit my steady income job and needed some funds to launch my freelance business. But, to be honest, it is going to be a long while before I reach the same salary that I had at my previous job. This all means that I am in need of a new financial tracking system and planner! Of course, function is the most important, and I definitely won't give up on my Excel Spreadsheet method, but I need something pretty and simple to carry with me as well. Plus, my favorite things to purchase are definitely office supplies and paper products.

Here's what I'm looking at right now:

1) Boring Bills planner from Paperchase - love the artwork and the HONESTY

2) I really like the look and feel of these sheets from IndigoPrintables, but without a binding, I think these would just end up in the recycle bin for me. 

3) This Etsy shop sells a variety of stickers that would work perfectly in my regular calendar! I love that I wouldn't have to tote around multiple notebooks. All my financial reminders would be right there with the rest of the junk that occurs in a regular day!

4) I love this one, but I wish this was a bit.... prettier, you know? 

5) This planner from NinjandNinj is beautiful AND fully practical! But I think it will just be too big to lug around.

6) This one is SO CHEAP and SO SMALL! It would easily fit in my bag without taking up like any space! 

7) Oh boy, I LOVE this notepad! I love that it keeps track of all of the important aspects of life as well as spending. But, I am really looking for something that I can take with me. (I might still get it though for my desk!)

8) Ultimately though, I think this will be the perfect pocket planner for me. I'm not a huge fan of the lime green, but it will help me keep my coupons and receipts organized while keeping track of daily small expenses that tend to get lost...

I know most millennials these days are switching to convenient apps for budgeting, But I think paper will work best for me at this point.

What kind of apps or tracking processes do you use? Is it working, or do you need to shake it up with something new? What do you think of my decision?

Side Note: I really wish I had a reason to need this notebook! I love it!