Pawpack Subscription Review

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Heads Up: This is a sponsored post. I received the product for free in return for a review post. However, my opinions are completely my own and PawPack did not screen or review this post. There are affiliate links in this post as well. I do receive a small commision if you choose to order this product.

As you all already know, I love my pups. Most days - who are we kidding, EVERY day - I would rather just talk to them than talk to humans. I worry about them constantly, especially when life doesn't give me the time or the energy to love them the way I want to. 

With the addition of Charlie, the foster dog, I have had to really work on my time management. In no particular order:

  • working full time at a job I hate
  • studying for the GRE
  • trying to improve my side hustles
  • struggling to take care of my mental health
  • maintaining a positive relationship with my husband
  • rehabilitating Charlie
  • taking care of Griz and Manji 

July and August were exhausting, completely overwhelming, and humid.  I really struggled with keeping everything balanced, and I could see how much it was affecting the little ones. Sure, the stress put a strain on my marriage, but, I could explain it to Sean. I couldn't explain it to these guys though.

They are both extremely jealous as well, so they have hated that I would work on training Charlie and pay more attention to his behaviour than to theirs. So I was thrilled when PawPack sent a box of goodies to my door.

First off, I really like the packaging. I know that is silly, but if I was receiving a subscription box with items for myself, I would expect the packaging and presentation to be polished and flat out pretty. But I wasn't sure what to expect with a subscription box for dogs. Sure, I treat my pups like they are humans, but most people don't! 

Because I live in a small town, the only pet store is a very large chain. And although they are certainly trying to shift to more natural, eco-conscientious products, most of them are still cheap in quality and imported from countries with different standards than my personal beliefs.

I have ordered high-end treats and chews online before, but with my extremely small financial budget right now, I just can't afford to shower my little ones with all of the expensive treats that I would like to.

Pawpack is all-natural, grain-free, with a serious belief in finding eco-friendly and organic products for pets. We spend so much time looking into the newest and healthiest smoothie cleanse and go out of our way to buy chia seeds, but most people and companies, do not put the same effort into finding healthy and delicious rewards for the "non-conventional" family members. Another HUGE plus for me is that Pawpack carefully researches and verifies the sourcing of their goods. They place an emphasis on finding small and local businesses who follow the same philosophy - helping owners adopt healthy lifestyle practices for their pets. 

I promise that I am only promoting this product because I actually believe in the mission and the quality of Pawpack.

Here's what came in our box:

SpotLit Light

I love this product. In fact, we used to have two and both burned out, so I was so happy to find a fresh one in this box! It is a great product that can be attached to your dog's collar, harness, or leash to keep them visible while walking. They actually give off a LOT of light, so when we used to live in our apartment, we would have to walk through the woods in the evenings and never even needed a flashlight! Safety first everyone.


Although this product did not include any packaging or indication of where it was from, I am confident that it was sourced appropriately.


Although I don't think this would last with real mouthy dogs, luckily, the one dog in our house who really loves to de-fluff stuffies has lost a significant amount of her teeth. 

Bully Stick

If you have looked into this type of pet treat before, you know that in actuality it is a little gross. But, it is very hard to find ones that are sourced within the United States or other countries that have similar production standards and they end up extremely expensive for a treat that only lasts a short while. Also, full disclosure - dogs love them, but they are pretty smelly...

Rogz Asteroidz ball

I thought for sure that this ball would be destroyed in seconds, but it has been surprisingly durable. I would be concerned with larger dogs just swallowing them whole though. They feel sort of like a foam ball, but much harder. And the craters on the surface make it bounce in a bit more of an unpredictable way. 

Grandma Lucy's Freeze-Dried Ocean Whitefish

Man, make sure you have an air tight container because these sure are fishy. but it's a single ingredient, all natural, GMO free treat! And the bag is actually full, so you get a FULL 2.5 oz. Am I the only one who is sick of company's only filling a third of the bag of chips?!?!?!?! And this is kitty safe too!


You can order single boxes at any time for $35.00. As you can see, the boxes include a variety of about 5 items. You can also receive a 10% discount if you subscribe to their monthly boxes. You are only billed for a single box, and you can reschedule a box if it doesn't fit in your schedule or your budget!

At this point, Pawpack is only sending boxes for dogs, but I do hope that they expand that soon!