#AdultingFAIL - Washing Machine

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#adultingFAIL for the week

Picture it, a comfortable Friday night in with my man. Just one of those nights of sweatpants and a movie. We both had a rough week and didn't really want to do much of anything. We ordered in food, and were so excited to just veg for the night and head to bed early.

To "try" and be productive, I threw in a load of laundry before the movie started. About 30 minutes in, S jumped up, looked around frantically, and then ran into the bathroom. He returned with one of my nicer towels and threw it on the ground. By this point, I had paused Netflix (mostly to laugh at his behavior) and then I saw the problem.

a tsunami coming from under the laundry room door

Okay, clearly not a tsunami - but at least 1/2 an inch of water, which is still a reason to panic, coming in actual waves.

When we moved into our house, I was so excited to A) not have to use a community washer and dryer, B) not have to save my quarters just to pay way too much per load, and C) have an extra large and deep sink in the laundry room for washing delicates and hand dyeing some of my thrift store finds. I didn't notice (or really think to care) about the exposed plastic pipe that ran from somewhere behind the washing machine to the large sink. I like to think it is because we have no less than 10 exposed pipes zigzagging across the back wall of our laundry room in all crazy directions. But I'm sure it is just because I was oblivious and naive.

As I know now, all of the water that is used to soak and rinse our laundry in the automatic machine is drained into the large sink and doesn't just magically disappear.

So if there is any sort of clog or item of clothing in the sink, all of that water will overflow into the rest of the room/house. 

As we opened the door to inspect this flooding, we realized that, because our laundry room floor is set a bit lower than the rest of our house, there was even MORE water than we expected. I started throwing all of the dog towels and beach towels to S so he could begin soaking up all of the water. I reached my full arm into the full (and very deep) sink to find whatever was clogging the drain. 

I honestly had no idea what was down in the abyss of the water, and I was so relieved to pull up, not something gross, but a dish towel. the water immediately started to drain but we still had to deal with all of the water on the floor, drying all of the random things we keep in our laundry room - like the vacuum, large space bags of our off season clothing, dog kennels, suitcases, etc.

After about 20 minutes, we had mopped up all of the water and had a tower of wet towels waiting for their turn in the washer. With some big sighs, we returned to our movie. So much for our calm and lazy night in!

Luckily, we were watching a movie in the room RIGHT next to the laundry room, or it would have been at least two hours before we noticed the sitting water. 

Although neither of us remembers putting a dish towel in the sink, this was definitely a #adultingFAIL evening. In hindsight, our first step should have been to turn off the washer because as we were trying to mop up the water on the floor, more water just kept pouring over the sides of the sink! I should have realized the whole purpose of that sink and the strange pipe that very clearly drains into it. And we shouldn't have expected a lazy night in.

And the worst part, this wasn't the only time this happened! 

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That's the true sign of a #adultingFAIL. So, laugh at this story, and learn from my fail.