Free Ways to Treat Your Significant Other

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Although I do know some millennials that are #killingit with their finances, and can totally afford to shower their significant other in gifts, trips, and expensive dates, more likely, is that you are scraping together your tips and cash to try and treat your significant other. Nowadays. a cheap dinner and a movie can be easily over $60!

With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought I would round up some creative ways to celebrate your relationship in completely free (or at least suuper suuuper cheap) ways.

Heads Up: This post does contain some affiliate links.

Pack a homemade picnic and head to a unique location.

First, making pasta with a red sauce for two = approximately $6. Adding the bottom shelf wine will bump it up to about $12 or $14, but that is still way cheaper than going to any restaurant. Second, the location could be someplace totally strange! In my opinion, the stranger the better! This will make it more unique and more memorable. Sure, you could take it to the local park, or you could go to the top deck of a parking garage and watch the sunset. Not usually seen as romantic, but could easily be the best date you ever had! If you're more the outdoorsy type, go for a hike to a new trail or secluded lake. Pull the total high school move, and drive somewhere out of town and climb on the roof of your car. If you're a student, why not head to the stacks in your library? 

Make custom game pieces.

Okay, this one won't be for everyone. But, if you and your SO are into games, then invest the time (not money!) into making custom pieces or cards? If you're a monopoly person, you could make new locations or properties based on your city or based on your relationship! 

If you're into Catan, you could make custom resources using things your SO can't live without. If I was making on for S, I would definitely make hot sauce a resource.

If you're more into party games, you could make custom Taboo cards or Scattegories pages. One of my favorite games is called Concept (totally worth looking into!). I would love it if S made me custom cards. (hint hint)

Try something new together.

This one might take a bit of cash, but why not make it a memorable day by trying something totally new together! Nothing says solidarity like learning and failing together! 

Haven't been ice skating since you were a kid? Most rinks have some sort of open or community time. The price will definitely vary, but the one closest to us is about $7 per person. (my favorite? go in the off season like in the summer! It will be empty!)

More of the workout couple? Try a SoulCycle class or Zumba! The key? make sure it's something silly that you've never done before.

Although it is definitely the most expensive thing on this list, maybe try one of those boozy paint classes?

Head to an arcade. The games are cheap, and you win prizes. What's better than that?

Make a book of memories.

Shutterfly is a great place to make a print custom gifts. In the past few years I've found some incredible deals through Shutterfly. My favorites? this coffee table book and matching magnets of our engagement photos. At the time, I was able to use several coupons and sales and got this whole bundle (+ shipping!) for less than $15.


This is my favorite in this list. MAKE A FORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone loves forts right??


The most romantic gift S ever gave me? A song he wrote for our second wedding anniversary. Sure, it took him a lot of time, but it was completely free, and is something that will always be ours.

If you are more of a traditional gift-giver, check out the Sweetheart Shop at Modcloth for some perfect themed decor and gifts for any budget.

What was the most romantic gift you ever received? Do you have any other ideas to add to this list? How will you be celebrating your relationship this year?