Real Foods: Sheet Chicken and Potatoes

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With this series, I debunk, review, and actually try to make those pretty Pinterest recipes that claim to be simple, easy, fast, and budget friendly. As someone who is clueless when it comes to food, really cheap, and really impatient, this should be a fun series for me. It will definitely push me out of my comfort zone, but hopefully it will be valuable to you!

When I get bored (and hangry) at work, I scan Pinterest for that new recipe - the one that I can whip up in a minute, that tastes gourmet and like fast food at the same time. I find myself pinning recipes that seem fast and easy, but in reality, take 2-3 times longer and usually make a mess. I'm here to try these recipes for you, so you know really which recipes are fast, simple in ingredients, and easy to prepare.

 This recipe is from the wonderful which is a fantastic resource for meal planning, budgeting, and simple and affordable recipes.

This recipe is from the wonderful which is a fantastic resource for meal planning, budgeting, and simple and affordable recipes.

It's been FAR too long since I posted one of my Real Foods honest reviews! I have been craving french fries so so so much these days, that I had to find healthier (and cheaper!) options to make at home. (Yes, french fries aren't that expensive at a fast food restaurant, but it adds up surprisingly fast!)

So this week, I decided to try this Sheet Pan Chicken and Potatoes. Of course, I didn't have all of the ingredients the recipe calls for, and I was far too lazy to go out and buy what I needed, so what I cooked was definitely an adaptation. I am looking forward to trying this again and actually follow the recipe!

This was the first time I have ever cooked chicken on a baking pan, and let me tell you, why does anyone use a skillet? I was able to cook everything together which meant that I only had to wash ONE dish!!! 

I thought for sure that the chicken would dry out, but it was incredibly flavorful and moist. (mmmoist)

I just used cheap, frozen chicken breasts, so I didn't get that crispy layer of skin, but it was definitely not disappointing.

Since I was craving french fries, I cut the red potatoes in half, and then in about 1/4 inch slivers. This got them all crispy on the outside but soft on the in inside. Truly yummy. Although I don't think it is necessary, I did add olive oil and garlic salt to the taters to make them crispier and more like fries.

The prep time (just cutting and setting up the potatoes) took about 7-8 minutes. The cook time was about 40 minutes, which is much longer than I usually want to spend on cooking, but I honestly spent less than 10 minutes doing any work. Then I just popped it in the oven and watched an episode of Westworld while it cooked. Incredibly low maintenance!

#adulting | real food cheap quick chicken potatoes
#adulting | millennial real food chicken potatoes cheap quick

The only downside to this recipe? Cleaning the pan was not fun. But that is because we have a small apartment sink, and not a large farm sink, so we could really only wash one half of the pan at a time. 

But the chicken was delicious and the potatoes really hit the spot. In fact, I think I'm going to make some right now!

#adulting | real food cheap quick chicken potatoes

This is really for you. I am perfectly happy eating the same two things for dinner every night. So let me know If you have any recipes that you would like me to try, or if you don't agree with me! 

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