Take the Time: Challenge for Your New Years Resolutions

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After reading all of the New Year posts about fitness resolutions and business plans, I have a challenge for you.

2017 New Year Challenge

Take the time to remember your community

and its place in your life this last year. Sure, this could be the neighbors on your block, or the people you see while you grocery shop. My community is spread over continents, and I haven’t even met some of them in person! But each one has impacted my tumultuous year. Your community deserves a place in your New Year, and I challenge you not to just brush them all off and start fresh.

Take the time to write thank you notes

to those people who were friends, shoulders to fall on, supports, etc. for you during this last year. (This would be a great place to add a thank you for any holiday gifts your received.) These individuals could be your roommates, your family, a professor, a supervisor, or that barista that you actually don’t know but is a comforting friendly face every day with your java. It's a tiny step, but is one of the best habits you can set for yourself, and definitely steps up your #adulting game.

Take the time to pause for a full minute

and ask yourself, “What is one tangible thing that I can do to improve my community this year?” Pick one action – not an ongoing “be nicer to people” but something that will benefit those around you that you can see and touch. Add that to your New Year’s goals and resolutions, send me an email, tweet, or Insta comment and we will hold each other accountable.

My community goal (listed here not for a pat on the back, but for accountability): write an anonymous encouraging note with a meal or dessert and drop it off at a complete stranger’s house. This is relatively easy for me since I don’t know very many people in my town. Every month, I will leave this encouragement at a different house, apartment, dorm, etc. throughout my town. I hope this will spread some love to people who need it.

I’ve seen hundreds of tweets, memes, etc. from people throwing away 2016, and I get it. It was a brutal year, but before we rush into 2017, I challenge you to finish up those loose ends. Take the time to remember some of the wholesome moments and use them as motivation and building blocks for what’s next to come.