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Although this is a review and an endorsement from me, no part of this was sponsored, and I receive no incentive for sharing with you.

Although this post is titled and written for those pet owners who dread having to ride the subway with a big bag of cat litter, and struggle up 6 flights of stairs with dog food over their shoulder, the service provides is also perfect for those individuals who A) have anxiety over going to the pet store, B) continue to forget to stop by the store after work, and C) are just too plain lazy. I, of course, fall perfectly into these three categories. =D is an online store that delivers everything from 60lb bags of dog food, to flea medications, bones, and squeaky toys all for a crazy cheap flat shipping fee. Yes, that huge package of kitty litter that weighs like a zillion pounds, will ship for less than $5 if your order is up $49 and for FREE if your order is over $49. Which means you can stock up on everything you need to keep your fluffy family member happy. 

#adulting | millennial lifestyle adulthood | dog puppy fluffy pet service

They even have "autoship" which basically means you can schedule when to receive regular shipments of food or goodies. You set when they ship, and you can change your order based on whatever you need! Plus, if you find yourself out of food, you can choose to send your shipment "now" for no additional fee. You have completely control.

#adulting | millennial lifestyle adulthood | dog puppy fluffy service

They offer a discount for anything that you add to your autoship, so even if you want to test out a new treat, or get your buddy something extra special this month, add it to your shipment, receive the discount, and then remove it next time! You know what that means? Budget-friendly. The food my doggies long for is actually $9 cheaper on That certainly adds up!!

#adulting | millennial lifestyle adulthood | dog puppy fluffy pet service

It's like a subscription service, but you have full control of when it ships, if it ships, and what you pay for. 

Plus, you don't have to carry anything on the subway. Huge bonus.

Again, I don't receive any incentive for sharing this with you. I just honestly love and have been 100% satisfied every time.