Transitioning into the Corporate World

Transitioning into the Corporate World

One of the many things that college doesn’t prepare you for? The corporate 9-5. Whether you’ve been working part-time waiting to land that first “real” job, or switching fields, or heading back into the workforce, transitioning into the corporate workplace can be incredibly difficult.

I just wish someone would have told me this recipe for corporate success:

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The Citydwelling Petowner's Dream -

The Citydwelling Petowner's Dream -

Although this is a review and an endorsement from me, no part of this was sponsored, and I receive no incentive for sharing with you.

Although this post is titled and written for those pet owners who dread having to ride the subway with a big bag of cat litter, and struggle up 6 flights of stairs with dog food over their shoulder, the service provides is also perfect for those individuals who A) have anxiety over going to the pet store, B) continue to forget to stop by the store after work, and C) are just too plain lazy. I, of course, fall perfectly into these three categories. =D

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7 Things to Do When You "Can't Even"

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Heads Up: This post does contain a few affiliate links.

We've all been there. Those days when you just "can't even" deal

#adulting | cant even productive
#adulting | eye roll cant even productive millennial

Well, here are some ideas on how to be productive - without putting on pants or talking to actual people. In fact, most of these will help you zen out enough to actually like people!
(at least for a little while...)

1. Reorganize a Closet or Cabinet

I mean, look how amazing that looks!! While you organize, try to prioritize and PURGE. 


2. Make Something

Do something creative with your hands. That could be crafty if you're into that kind of thing, or you could cook/bake something, or pull out an instrument. Force yourself to be a tad bit creative (even if you are following a pattern or recipe!)

Head over to my Real Foods posts for suuuuper easy but rewarding recipes!

I'm going to start sharing one creative thing that I am doing every week over on Instagram, so be sure to follow me there!

3. Meditate for a Full Ten Minutes

This can be really difficult, but is (IMO) the best way to release that "can't even" attitude and prep your body for goodness. 

I've been thoroughly enjoying the Headspace App for guided meditation, but I've also been plugging in to the "Spa" Pandora channel. So relaxing!

4. Take the Time to Pamper a Little

This could mean different things to everyone, but for me, this is what I need to pamper and let go of that stress.

5. Write a Letter or Card

I think the best way to wash away your pure annoyance with humans, is to think about some good things that people have done for you. Then write them a Thank You card. Here's some stationary that I would love to own.

6. Eat Something That Makes You Feel Good

Let's face it. Some of our comfort foods and cravings are not actually what make us feel good. My favorite food when I "can't even" is deeeefinitely Dominos pizza (#notanad). But, after I eat four pieces, I don't feel good. In fact, even after one piece, my body doesn't feel good. 

Instead, when you don't want to shower or put on pants, eat something that will actually make you feel good. This doesn't have to be super healthy! Every person is different. My body actually doesn't feel good after eating a salad. 

I feel the best after eating a nice lemon and rosemary chicken and roasted garlic potatoes. heart eyes for suuuuuure.

7. Make Plans

I should instead say "Make accomplishable plans"

I have a tendency to plan to the point where I can't actually get any of it done. Or at least not in the time frame I have set for myself.

Instead, create a helpful to-do list for the day that includes the stupid stuff - like, walked to the mailbox, and fed myself. Sure, put something productive on their too, but by turning the mundane tasks into an action that helps you complete your list, you are more likely to feel motivated to keep going down the list!

I still don't have a real planner for 2017 yet, but here's what I have my eye on

We all have those days when we "can't even" but with these ideas, we will be productive through the funk.